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Two / multi-level Stretch Ceiling

Two-level or multi-level ceiling is a separate installation constructed, where the ceiling is being installed. Multi-level stretch ceiling still maintains the status of high demand product. Unlike classical ceilings, it’s straight and angled surface allows the room will be originally divided into several different zones. There is also an opportunity to have a hidden lights.

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Stretch Ceiling with photo-printing

The Stretch Ceilings with the image are becoming more and more popular.With this type of ceiling installation it is possible to tape any image: landscape, nature, figures, personal photos,etc. Printing is done through the special printing devices,ecologically pure colors.  By using photo-printing we create a 3D effect, It can be stretched both as one level as two-level ceiling.  

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where can you set the Stretch Ceiling up?

The company Sky Studio offers a wide range of selection of Stretch Ceilings, in the bathroom, In the kitchen, in the bedrooms, commercial spaces and restaurants,in  the centers of the medical centers and pools • the highest quality of Stretch Ceiling . • service at low price, guarantee of high quality service! Where can I set the Stretch ceiling up?…

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Smooth ceiling

Smooth so-called ” Matte ” Stretch Ceiling, this is a classic option, which is enriched by colour, which creates a soft light in the room. Its surface is perfectly straight. The smooth stretch ceiling is the right choice, for those who wants a traditional and equal ceiling. If you want to install the hidden lighting inside the ceilings, the smooth…

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Glossy ceiling

The glossy Stretch Ceilings are distinguished with interesting design. It is rich by colours iis sometimes reflects things like a mirror. Use of this type of ceiling creates an extensive area effects, the room seems much bigger and high, which is important for low-ceiling apartments. Also the room with a glossy ceiling is much clearer and therefore it requires to…

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